天声人語 1月5日

2009年01月05日 22:44







朝日新聞 天声人語1月5日

The accordion that rings under emptiness of winter is sad. Volunteer's woman was singing "Hometown (birthplace)" by "Seeing the old year out dispatch village" of Tokyo and Hibiya Park. 〈It is really …… where it doesn't return it is a day/when as for the will. 〉As the place of dispatch of poor * that the row that there is no place to which it had to return for food, clothing, and housing in the presence expands, it was exquisiteness. The center of a city that media crowd. It was enclosed by a without relation bank headquarters, exclusive hotel, Imperial Palace Outer Garden, and government office street to poverty, and the tent village in the park was conspicuous. Moreover, those who froze to death were not able to open the nearest public office from one's * feet that was the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that assumed the responsibility to health and employment or the hall of reflecting was opened to "Villager". It thinks quite under one's nose in the country those who sponsor it by pointing poverty. However, the dispatch village and the hall are limited today. Hundreds of people sleep and the place will be assumed rolling. The top where * ..the light (lamplight) it before the wind.. is public and the Prime Minister Aso quoted the living right though it was work of "Public" that tied the life in the emergency in the beginning of a year interview , saying that "..pessimism.. feelings". The disappointment of the people in whom the employment was cut is not at least due to feelings though said a favorite word. It is safe or an ability ..full eye.. to draw out a limited national power though sensitivity in which the leader and the wind of the crisis are read is requested. The last one stroke of "Energies" following "Safety" was weak and it got hoarse if presumptuously foretelling it by the New year's writing of Mr. Aso. The age of a political decisive battle begins to move to the issue in * life defense for which the Indian ink and physical strength do not suffice. Opposition party's every one swore "Political disaster" overthrow in the dispatch village. Before a kaleidoscopic inside and outside new year, I thought various the futures to be a tsunami advisory that flowed to the screen of the Prime Minister interview.


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